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About Us

Amsterdam Rentals is a partner of the Homeseekers Worldwide Group. Homeseekers Worldwide Group is a dynamic real estate network for Private Landlords specialising in furnished and un-furnished rental apartments in Amsterdam - The Netherlands, Brussels - Belgium, East London - South Africa, London - United Kingdom.
Since 2007 Amsterdam Rentals is truly dedicated to creating an enjoyable experience for homeowners in Amsterdam. Our team will work with you to find an ideal tenant for your rental property. Our mission is to "Improve the Quality of Life", and we do that by always keeping your needs as our top priority.
We believe rental property management should be a lot more than just renting a property, it should be about You. Our entire business model and service plan is built around landlords' individual goals. It's a caring way of taking the time to listen and deliver solutions that make such an important decision such as renting out property better and less stressful.
We emphasize customer service, honesty, reliability and innovation in all our endeavors. We strive to have every client pleased at the and of a transaction and succeed almost every time.